Submission Guidelines


Want to join the Stan Lee’s Kids Universe family? We’d love to have you! Our goals is to promote literacy and imagination though reading and other media, so we are principally looking for manuscripts with strong characters and easily digestible stories.  Before you submit your cherished manuscript to our editors, please keep in mind these guidelines.


All books:


  • All submissions should be sent to Darcy Evans at
  • All of our books are for kids from infancy to age 10. We are not looking for the next YA hit or YA/Adult graphic novel.
  • Please list the nature of your submission in the subject line (i.e. picture book manuscript submission, illustration submission, graphic novel submission). 
  • We only take email submissions.
  • Please attach the manuscript as a Word Doc or PDF (only if there are illustrations).
  • Please include a 200 word about the author note. Who are you? Where do you live? What brings you to children’s literature? Please include a list of any previously published books.
  • How do you see us marketing your book? Do you have a social media presence?
  • Please include your elevator pitch. What makes your book special, why did you write it, etc.? This should not be longer than one page. 
  • We are not looking for regional books.


Picture Books:


  • Manuscripts should be less than 1,000 words.
  • The text must be easy to read aloud (have multiple people read it out loud before submitting. If they stumble, fix those sections before submitting).
  • In general, our picture books are no longer than 40 pages long. That means a maximum of 20 spreads. We won’t look at anything longer than this. 
  • Does the book have to rhyme? We prefer books in prose, but before sending in your rhyming manuscript see rhyming guidelines.
  • For writers:
    • DO NOT SUBMIT ART, unless you are also planning on being the illustrator.
    • You can include illustrations suggestions, but keep in mind our editors and illustrators will be in charge or art direction.
    • Please keep dialog to a minimum as it makes the books very difficult to illustrate.
  • For illustrators:
    • We would love to see your sample portfolio (a link to your website with a sample illustration is fine).
    • Please include illustrations of children and animals/trucks/other anthropomorphized objects.
    • Please include illustrations with backgrounds and without.
    • Please note what your preferred medium is.


How to write good rhyme:


Rhyming picture books are the most difficult to write. If your rhyme and/or meter doesn’t work we don’t accept the manuscript. Rhyming picture books are less common now, so if you have a good story and you aren’t a champion rhymer and/or poet, please steer clear. Rhythmic manuscripts are actually much better than rhyming ones in the current market.


That said, a good rhyming book must still have a strong plot. Each rhyming line is the same length with a consistent meter. No near rhymes please. Rhyming picture books should read like poetry, therefore the rules of more formal poetry apply. Do not capitalize new lines if isn’t the start of a sentence. Use the same grammar you would for normal prose.


If you are writing an ABC book, please make sure X works well and doesn’t seem forced.



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